Website Design

A website has to be appealing, draw customers in and entice them to stay. It has to work on desktop computers, laptops and now even more importantly than ever mobile devices. As well as the creative and technical aspects of your site we also have the tools and necessary knowledge to provide a digital marketing campaign for you. With our huge wealth of experience we strongly believe that to make a website work the development has to be a two-way process. We will meet with you and together plan what’s needed. We will work together with you to create the perfect website that advertises your business. We offer a range of services to make your web site attract and keep your customers these include:

Website hosting

We can host your site


Add content to your own site.

Web design

Creative website design

Email setup

Email addresses for your domain.


On-line marketplace


Customise your site completely

Social Media

Integration with Social Media

Site Analytics

Analyze your traffic data

I don’t need everything in the package can I remove or add a couple of things?

Yes of course, all the elements of the packages can be added or removed. Talk to us about what you would like.

What are the ongoing costs?

There are no ongoing costs. The contract will renew after a year so you can choose to either transfer the site elsewhere or pay the renewal fees for domain name registration and hosting.

Will the website work well with mobile phone and tablets?

Yes, definitely. We create responsive websites that work well on all platforms. We also create AMP (accelerated mobile pages) versions of each page on your site.

Can I move the website to my own service provider?

If you choose you can move the site after 60 days, this is a standard imposed by ICANN

I already have a website and the just needs a few changes can you do this?

Possibly. We would perform an audit of the hosting platform and the existing site content before making any amendments.

Can I use my own photos?

You can use your own photos although they may need to be cropped or re-sized for the website. If you need licensed images from a stock supplier, we would purchase the necessary licenses and include this with our package cost.

Will the website be secure?

We use secure servers, conduct security audits, install security patches and perform backups regularly. We would recommend that you purchase an SSL license if you have the basic package. This is included with all other packages.

I can create my own website for free why pay for this?

Some of the free websites can produce very good looking usable site. Unfortunately, nothing in life is truly free as soon as you want to remove the adverts or change use your domain name you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan. Most importantly if the site is created without any attention to SEO or link building it won’t appear on Google or other search engines which will mean lost business.